Are you worried about your credit card debt?

Do you have a credit card and worried about the increasing bill month by month? The unmanaged credit card can make you stay awake at nights and can be a nightmare as well. Using a credit card seems very easy, but in actual, it needs proper steps to be taken to manage it properly. To come out of your credit debts, you need to plan and take proper steps before ever using a credit card. I went through a tough time in the last six months clearing my credit card bills.

Pay a little extra than the minimum amount

If you are looking for the credit card debt help then the foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind is that you need to pay extra than your minimum amount every month. The credit card companies love to see the money saving tips you add to your credit card. You can also look for your last few months’ statements to have an idea on how much the credit card company is taking interest from you. This will help you in deciding over the amount you need to add to your credit card on a monthly basis.

The second important thing that I have taken care of is that I should always pay the highest interest rate first in order to bring the increasing bill to a lower amount. You need to check the debt that is pulling the maximum interest from you.

Taking help from credit card companies

I was advised by one of my friends to take help from the credit card issuing company. You can easily call your credit card company customer care numbers and can talk to the representative about your financial situation. You can ask them for any help they can provide in order to come out of your credit card debt. There are some of the credit card companies that lower down the interest rate for a few months until you are able to pay the amount easily.

You should always avoid moving your debts over to some other card with less amount of interest rate. It will surely damage your short term credit. It may or may not damage your finance and it can go for longer periods as well.
You should always be aware before taking any big amount things for your home, office, or yourself. If you are planning to take them on EMI, then think once before taking this step. Buying things on installments seems very easy to everyone, but you have to be sure that you will be able to pay the monthly installment on time.
By following these certain steps and taking credit card debt help before using your credit card has made y life much easier than before.

Credit card debit –stealers of dream

In present days almost everyone will be having credit cards but the main head ache arises when in paying those balances back. Most of us think and pray in god that let the credit card companies forget our name from the list. Credit cards with balances to be paid are just referred to as stealers of the dream. Credit card debit help has become one of the serious financial issue problems in almost all the nations.

Consequences of not paying the credit card debit:

I would like to share one of my experiences regarding credit card debit. This incident had occurred some two years back. I was supposed to clear all my credit card bills within a period of 20 days as mentioned in the notice given by company. As I lost my job at the same time I could bear the bills of the credit card with in the given span of time but still interest rates were shooting up to sky. Then the credit card company sold my account to some third party collection agency. That was really harassing and became a mental torture to myself and my family. So, to avoid all these somehow I managed to clear the credit card debit and after I was free from the torture of collection agency. To avoid all these problems and tensions it better to pay the credit card debits within the given period of time.

Debit resolution, a process similar to debit settlement always end results in saving of money. The concept of debit settlement is becoming very popular nowadays as the many peoples are facing the problem of bankruptcy. It is an alternative method where you can be free from your debits within 12-40 months. Debit settlement is a debit help concept where the credit card balances are reduced here.

Debit settlement: It is negotiation process where your creditors agree for the payment being done for their debits that provides you relief as well. It comprises of many elements which include interest elimination and reduced balance amounts. Here you can pay only a smaller amount that you to owe to yourself

Debit consolidation: this doesn’t eliminate your credit card debit but instead you can pay in a more manageable way. If you a very bad debit, considering for the low rate interest is very hard which may give smaller monthly interest and it will elongated for years together.

Drowning experience:

Would like to my one such experiences to you people. I started using of all the credit cards when my brother was in hospital for a major treatment; I had got 50k in credit cards and all was just used for the treatment of my bro . After when he recovered I told him about all these. The look on his face was very poor. Well but still after his recoverment we started paying of our bills. Through the debit settlement process we got all our credit card debits cleared in a shorter period of time.

Credit card debt help solved my debt problems

I was struggling to pay my day-to-day bills and even it was very difficult for me keep with regular loan repayments. I had taken a huge amount of loan to start my new business venture and also to build my new house. But, unfortunately I found it hard to make my regular repayment of the loan amounts and was tensed due to this. When I discussed with my friend about this, he said me about credit card debt help scheme and services. He said that by availing debt advice and help can aid in solving my problem. I found this advice to be useful and wanted to take advantage from this. These days interest rates for credit cards are truly very high and for me making credit card debt was extremely hard to pay off.

My debt story

When I approached my bank for debt advice, I came to know that the best way of using credit card is to pay it off the balance every month. It was emphasized to do this; if not then the alternative was to pay off as much as I can. I also came to know that if I just pay some minimum amount on my statement, the interest will certainly build up and it in turn will make my debt take much longer time to pay off. I was very much worried about my credit card debts so I then thought to stop utilizing my credit card immediately. I then decided to take debt help from my card provider to solve my financial problems and difficulties to make repayments. The debt advice helped me a lot in many ways. I was then capable of having stable finance.

Credit card debt relief options that helped me

As I said previously, I was finding it difficult to manage my debts and when I found my debt is out of control, I decided to follow some money saving tips so that I can control my expenditures and manage my debits efficiently. Thanks to internet, where I found some highly beneficial credit card relief options. The first debt relief option which I found to be useful was debt negotiation. This option helped me to relief me from my monthly payment burden of my credit card debt as it was possible to negotiate and lower my interest rates. Simply by reducing interest rate on my credit card account, it was possible to reduce monthly payments. Eventually, from my experience I can say that when negotiating with creditors directly it is essential to have a strong repayment history and even a good credit rating as this is the main factor which creditors look for.

Another relief option that I used when I found that negotiating interest rate was not sufficient to reduce my monthly payments was by balance transfer. Balance transfer helped me to relief from my debts to some extent. Initially, even though I found this option to be not that useful as this balance transfer involves taking very high interest rate credit card debits and but when I came to know that it also involves transferring these credit cards to a different credit card with very lower interest rate then I was pleased to use this and later I also found this relief option to be the best way to have relief from debts. With this option, I also benefited from making simple one payment per month. It certainly reduced my repayment burdens to a great extent. But, for this it is essential to have a good credit score, fortunately I had this and thus, I was qualified to have interest rates which provided me a benefit in my monthly payment reduction.